The team behind the team


Obviously, it takes a team to organize an event. And that means professionals. These experts not only need to be passionate about their work, but also highly knowledgeable, daring to ask questions and be critical. After all, the ultimate goal is to achieve the very best results together. We have an excellent team of specialists who are willing to go the extra mile for our clients. Here are some of them!

Madelène Spaan

Founder of &ME, boss and business hippie Always up for a challenge, troublemaker, true expert, witty and a dash stubborn.

Sandra Schouten

Event planner and project manager Brightens up the workplace, thorough, cheerful and streetwise.

Nina Dahmen

Conceptdevelopment, Brand Design and Circular Design.

Manon de Gooijer

Our personal assistant Great communicator, empathetic, positive, athletic, cheerful and ever-enthusiastic.


Madelène on Dolly Parton, troublemakers and blind spot removers

As a young girl, Madelène got fascinated by Dolly Parton. Dolly’s sense of entrepreneurship, her fabulous 70s outfits and feminist “pour a cup of ambition” mentality were a major source of inspiration – both then and now – in her daily life and business pursuits.

When Madelène was 11, she joined the local girl’s soccer team. But this turned out to be anything but the experience she had expected. For the first time in her life, she became fully aware of the difference between boys and girls – at least, that this distinction is made by others. The trainers for the girls’ teams, for example, were less skilled and potential talent was not developed. These are themes that are still relevant today and the gender gap has not narrowed significantly.

Not afraid to voice her opinion, Madelène shared her frustrations about women’s soccer in the Netherlands publicly. As a result, she was interviewed at the age of 15 by Voetbal International and appeared on television. Without her being aware of it, this sense of inequality had laid the foundation for MovingWomen. Quite a few years down the line, Madelène is still eager to discuss these issues and inspire women around the world with her platform and female marketing agency “MovingWomen” to become the best version of themselves.


In the media


As professional troublemakers, we always cause a commotion. This is what we have to say. (in Dutch)

In sound and images

Curious to hear what we sound like in real life? This is what we look like in 3D.