Client: VIDM, Erasmus University Rotterdam and &ME International Women’s Day event/VIDM Award
Award presentation: VIDM Award and discussion panel

About the client
VIDM created by Janneke van Heugten plays a major role in the attention devoted to women in the media. Every year (together with Marga Miltenburg from ZijSpreekt), she presents the award to a woman who has been positively featured in the media regarding her area of expertise. 

The challenge
The winner was the same as the previous year and, this year, a partnership was desired between Erasmus University and &ME. The film “You can’t be what you can’t see” was also shown and a discussion was held between young, highly successful female law students and Janneke van Heugten, Petra Stienen and Madelène Spaan on future roles.

The target group
Erasmus employees, VIDM Award candidates, law students.

 The concept
Contents of the award selection process, breakfast and discussion panels.

Fun fact: The editor-in-chief of Opzij magazine was also in attendance.
Location: Erasmus University Rotterdam
Date: March 8, 2012 and March 8, 2016 

The result
Wanda de Kanter (a famous Dutch lung doctor) won the VIDM Award and the award presentation combined perfectly with the Erasmus program.

Client response:
Janneke van Heugten: It was fantastic that you were able to organize this during my maternity leave together with Jolanda Bloem from Erasmus University.