Client: Cadillac Europe
Event: European press and dealer introductions

About the client
Cadillac Europe is an American car manufacturer that produces luxury cars around the world. Since 1909, the brand has been part of the General Motors family, where innovation and daring designs are the norm.

The challenge
&ME was the project leader of 2 back-to-back events organized over several consecutive weeks in which the Cadillac brand was reintroduced to the European market.

The target group:
The press and European dealers of luxury car brands


The concept

&ME performed the role of project leader. The Cadillac SRX and XLR were presented during the European press and dealer introductions in Prague and Florence. For 6 weeks, journalists were flown in for a back-to-back program. Project management included scheduling flights, VIP reception at the airports, establishing detailed routes, dinner arrangements, water bottles in the car and more. With a team of 6 managers and as many as 80 staff members (from car polishers to technicians), extensive efforts were made to ensure an excellent impression of the vehicles.


Fun fact: After every coffee stop, the car was promptly turned around so that a journalist could return again quickly and safely.
Location: Prague and Florence
Date: 2003, 2004 and 2006 

The result
The European press and dealer introductions produced by &ME marked the successful start to the reintroduction of Cadillac in Europe.