a Female Marketing Agency

At MovingWomen, we’re crazy about women (and men, of course). “We get them moving. We impact them, wake them up and sometimes even give them a swift kick in the designer pants. We bring action, change, rebellion & commotion.” We take a feminine perspective to (live) communication. After all, the majority of communication, marketing and advertising is still primarily aimed at men. But according to the Boston Consulting Group, 75 percent (!) of household spending is determined by women.

Women make decisions along different paths, search differently online, talk with their network differently, conduct business differently and often have multiple ambitions both at work and at home. So, it only makes sense to make this distinction in your target audience. Not everyone is aware of this. Many decision-makers are (still) men and take a man’s-eye-view. This is not surprising, of course, and that’s why we take a different perspective. We help you identify opportunities and translate them using content, brand activations and live communication. A mature approach to female consumers.


Boosting female brands!

&ME | MovingWomen can help you with:

– Selling your product or service to a female audience

– Events for women’s networks in companies, workshops

– Inclusiveness, diversity, LGBTI

– Campaigns and debates for institutions, political parties and the government

– Training sessions for car manufacturers and other sectors about approaching a female target audience

– Female speakers and event chairpersons

– Female senior marketing

– Representation and image of women in media

– Brainstorm session/think tank on new products and ideas