At &ME, we focus on you. Our goal is to dazzle and amaze you, to meet and exceed your expectations.
We create, sell, advise, organize, produce, provide support through project management and oversee events,
brand activations and live communication.

&ME loves brands and companies with a mission, brands that inspire, generate awareness and aim to bring
out the best in themselves and others. Whether your company or institution is big or small, national or
international, &ME is here to help.

This is what has been motivating us since the very start: to create and produce unique live events.
Events that connect and impact, surprise, inform and unite for unique clients –

you in other words. That generate awareness and make you feel loved.
Events and brand activations that matter. We take care of all the little details, so you can sleep well at night.

Welcome to &ME eventmarketing. Where it’s all about you.


&ME eventmarketing has worked with a wide range of clients in numerous sectors over the years, including the
automotive, retirement, telecommunications, media, mobility, technology and social industries.
Everyone is welcome – without exception.
See a few of our projects here below.



At &ME eventmarketing, our goal is to take all the worries off your hands.

How our clients experience our partnership is very important to us. Our fantastic clients and collaboration partners
have the following to say about working together with &ME.

I’ve known Madelène from &ME for more than 16 years. Her approach is based on the following principles: Quality, Passion, Distinction & Purposefulness. But perhaps most important of all is Madelène’s extremely pleasant and warm personality, her genuine focus on the individual. I would not hesitate to recommend her work to anyone and everyone!

Colin Ouwerling


&ME organizes large events for pensionfund PMT. What stands out most is the personal and accessible approach to our customers The &ME team succeed in creating a pleasant atmosphere every time. They are also punctual, honest and competitively priced. In other words, a real treat to work with, which we’ve been doing since 2007!

Annemieke Biesheuvel


Madelène is a professional who takes all the work off your hands when organizing a get-together. Since the early days of my career as a Communications Manager at PME – 9 years! – I’ve been working together with &ME. They take a low-key and efficient approach to ensuring that our retirees’ meetings go off without a hitch. Madelène is highly problem-solving oriented and pleasant to deal with. All in all, I absolutely recommend &ME to anyone organizing a gathering.

Gerda Smits


Working together with &ME is a fantastic experience in every way! Everything is taken care of flawlessly.

Joke Bruijs